About Us

Home Renovations Advice blog is meant for homeowners of all walks of life who are wondering how to go about renovations. I made this blog because I see a lot of people who have little or no idea about updating their homes. You hear common issues like limited budget, limited space, confusion in choosing among contractors, and DIY failures. I’m addressing all these issues and I’m discussing all concerns about home renovations on this blog.

bedrooms-renovationsOver the years, I have worked with so many clients, each having unique situations and goals. It’s not always about restoring damaged sections of the house or repairing areas damaged by mold or water. Sometimes it’s about making the house a more comfortable place to live in. Sometimes it’s about making the property more gorgeous. On other occasions, people just want to spice up their bedrooms or give their bathrooms a different feel.

Much of what I want to impart has something to do with making the right decisions in renovations. My mission is to educate people about the importance of professional work, proper planning, and clear goals. Mistakes happen when goals aren’t set perfectly or when DIY work is taken too far. I’ve seen too many kitchens wrecked by poor budget management. I’ve seen DIY work gone totally bad. I’ve worked with indignant clients who came to me after suing their previous contractor.

Renovations are both challenging and exciting. Each kitchen or bathroom update is a product of careful engineering, art, and hard work. Sometimes it’s great to please the client. It feels great to get thank-you cards from people who are satisfied with your work. Sometimes I want the thrill of the job. When I’m supervising complicated restoration jobs, I want to do it right because that’s what I’m supposed do. When I see the final result, the transformation, I’m overwhelmed by a great sense of accomplishment. I guess every professional in other fields feels the same way.

So this blog is all about giving information, advice, tips, and guides to people who are after improving their homes. We want you to regain that comfort in your own home.