Before You Do a Bathroom Renovation

DIY-bathroom-renovation-ideasNo matter how small a bathroom renovation or makeover is, it pays to do some preparation so you don’t bump into snags and expensive repairs too soon.

Expect Dirt and Mess

Know where the renovators will be passing through on their way to your bathroom. Expect this path to go dirty during the course of the renovation work, unless you can ask the contractor to remove their boots when entering your house (but that’s too irksome on their part). Prepare to vacuum or sweep the area as soon as the workers leave. When the entire project is done, you may need to repolish the floor.

Take Toiletry, Towels, and Magazines Out

Renovation can be a messy affair. The contractor will clean up after the job is done, but they don’t really bother cleaning up soiled towels and underwear left hanging in the shower. To avoid having to replace your stained belongings, keep them away for a while. Remove soaps, shampoos, lotions, shaving creams, towels, magazines, and everything in the toilet that you don’t want to be soiled.

Do a Bit of Work

You can expedite bathroom renovations and perhaps save money by doing some stuff on your own. Simple tasks like removing shower curtains and bathroom wall fixtures can make your contractor’s job easier and faster. You may also turn off the water mains if the job needs fixing the plumbing or installing new taps or changing the sink. If the work includes replacement of bathroom floor tiles, you may opt to remove the tiles yourself. This is a fairly easy task for experienced DIYers, but don’t dare crack the floor. As a rule, if you don’t know how to deal with it, leave it alone.

Be Realistic with Your Budget

Most renovators don’t care how you pay them as long as you pay them. When you dial the number to make inquiries, be sure to have at least an idea of how the project would cost and, more importantly, have the budget ready. Depending on the type of renovation you want, the cost can run from about $3,000 to as much as $50,000. Are you going to obtain the funds through a payday loan or from your savings? It doesn’t matter as long as you have the money for it. Now if you couldn’t come up with the funds for some reason, it’s time to reconsider. Maybe you can wait a while longer until you can raise the needed amount or maybe opt for a smaller bathroom renovation work done.
Choosing the Right Contractor
Many people make mistakes when hiring contractors to fix their bathrooms. Homeowners find it convenient to just search for contractors online, so they usually stumble upon expensive renovation services. Worse, they encounter renovators with sub par skills and who are only concerned with finishing the job and getting their money. Hire experienced and reputable contractors. Seek recommendations from friends or colleagues. You should also compare quotes but don’t necessarily settle for the cheapest services. Shop around for bathroom renovation services wisely!